Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My doctor's office just called to about my weekly appointment tomorrow. I have had weekly appointments since my first scare back in March. As I burst into tears, I told the receptionist my baby was still born last Wednesday. There was a moment of silence and then she asked if I could hold. I waited for just a few seconds and she returned asking when I wanted to make my follow up appointment. I told her you name it and I'll be there. I really didn't care when or if I go back right now. So June 17 I will go. A few minutes after I hung up with the receptionist, my doctor called from her cell phone. She was very apologetic and said she had thought she had told everyone so I would not receive any calls. I told her it was fine, I wasn't mad. She asked if I needed anything and how I was. I do have a great doctor. She assured me when I come in for my appointment they will escort me back right away so I am not sitting in the waiting room with all the other pregnant women. I thought to myself, but I'm suppose to be one of those pregnant women. One tiny mistake is just another reminder of what I've lost.

God give me strength.

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